Texstyleroofs® is the strongest, most stylish,
custom designed, aerodynamic, lightweight and
hurricane tolerant textile roofing solution in the world.

Hurricane tolerant | No permit | Easily removable | Tailored to your needs

Our textile roofs solutions

Texstyleroofs® is the delight in the world of textile roofs. We offer the most refined, functional and stylish textile roofs solutions for any outdoor space. Custom designed to meet both your practical and aesthetic needs. Easy to install and easy to remove because of its lightweight structure. Texstyleroofs®: The utmost delight for your outdoor experience.

Texstyleroofs® – Revolutionize outdoor lifestyle

Patio roofs

Exclusive and custom designed


No permits needed


Create the perfect ambience

Commercial solutions

Restaurants, bars, hotels

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Why a Textile roof?

No other kind of roofs solution holds up against the versatility of a Texstyleroof ®. This exclusive semi-permanent membrane roof is the most comprehensive solution for every outdoor space.

Our removable textile roofing solution, which are 100% Dutch design, are exclusively 3D custom engineered with our own Texstyleroofs® software. The combination of perfectly designed geometry and prestress of the fabric together with the high-quality masts and mounting materials offer you the best in class quality. Exclusively designed fot your functional and aesthetical needs to revolutionise your outdoor experience.

A Texstyleroof® offers you a stylish roofing solution for any setting and is perfect for covering outdoor areas. Our roofing sollution is semi-perminant. especially if you don’t wish to build a permanent structure. Do you dread a renovation by the hassle of applying for permits? Or afraid of losing daylight in your home? Our membrane structures are the perfect fit for you. Our lightweight roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also one of the strongest lightweight roof solutions available and offer the ultimate delight.

Our working method:

from design to Texstyleroof®


The shape of your membrane determines the strength and the character of your Texstyleroof®. The characteristic double curvature of a Texstyleroof® is demonstrated on site in a highly sophisticated 3D design. Your practical and aesthetic needs are the start for your ideal and unique textile roof.



After formfinding, the structure is professionally assembled on site and measured in 3D. All mounting materials are cleverly designed and of the highest quality. As a result, we off er a 10-year guarantee on the construction so safety and functionality are ensured.


Based on 3D measurements on-site, the proportional distribution of membrane force is engineered into the exact membrane cutting pattern. In such, the ideal stiffness is preserved for the strongest textile lightweight roofing in the world.


The pattern is then laser cut and artisanal hand-stitched with Teflon yarn in our own membrane facility. After extensive testing for shape and prestress, the membrane is ready for installation.



Because of our in-house engineering-, production- and construction facility, we are able to deliver and install your membrane within 4 weeks from engineering. From then on you can experience the comfort of your own Texstyleroof®.

All-weather proof

  • Sun : translucent, almost 100% UVA and UVB protection and substantially heat-reducing
  • Wind : resistant to heavy gusts of wind and high wind speeds
  • Rain : 100% waterproof
  • Hail : 100% hail resistant
  • Snow : resistant to certain snow pressure thanks to optimal geometry and prestress

Color range

Whether you choose a distinctive color or a natural shade from our range of colors, you can create the right atmosphere that suits you and your aesthetic needs.

Why a textile design roof?

Unique and customized textile patio roofs, carports, business solutions or stand-alone lounge roofs

  • Tailor made for aesthetic and functional needs
  • Stylish roofs for large and small outdoor spaces in any environment
  • No permits needed (in general)
  • Protection for all weather conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to (dis)assemble
  • Extremely translucent, minimal loss of light in your home
  • Membrane available in over 20 colors
  • Hurricane tollerantbecause of the ability to remove the Texstyleroof quick and easy by yourself
  • Creates outstanding atmosphere and comfort
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble; only 5-10 minutes
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • 99% protection to UV and IR radiation

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