Commercial roofing solution: Increase your business with a Texstyleroofs restaurant patio cover

Hotels, restaurants, bars and commercial properties

increase your business
with a Texstyleroof®

Hotels, restaurants, bars and commercial properties

Texstyleroofs® are always the most personal and unique solution to cover your commercial space and boost revenue directly. Giving your customers the likes of having an amazing outdoor experience, no matter the weather. Tailored to your needs, your Texstyleroof® blends in with its natural surroundings in addition to being an eye-catching architectural addition to your outdoor space. Boosting revenue by embracing your customers, for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

The most versatile delight

All Texstyleroofs® designed have been meticulously engineered to perform without question, in any environment. Beyond simply performing, they also turn heads as our removable lightweight roofs are built with an unparalleled sense of style and design not seen anywhere else in the world.

Our Texstyleroofs® provides a flexible roofing design for any environment. Mounted to existing surroundings or installed as a solitary structure: Due to Texstyleroofs’ versatility, it’s the ideal roofing solution for any outdoor purpose.

Revolutionize outdoor experience
with the most functional
and stylish roof available

  • Tailor made for aesthetic and functional needs
  • Stylish roof for large and small
    outdoor spaces in any environment
  • No permits required
  • Lightweight and easy to remove
  • Protection for all weather condition
  • Increase revenue by providing additional profitable square footage
  • Membrane available in over 20 colors
  • Hurricane tolerant

Perfect solution for your:

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Public space coverage
  • Ceremonial area

Free 3D Design of your home with our roofing solution.

We can create a tailor-made 3D study for your own Texstyleroof. Let us show you what our roofing solution can do for you. For more information and free advice, call us or send us an email and request a 3D design for a your own Texstyleroof.