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A texstyleroof is a non-permit roofing solution

The most stylish and functional home improvement without the hassle of a permit

Non-permit roofing solution | Semi-permanent | Custom made design roof | Lightweight and removable| Luxury outdoor lifestyle

non-permit roofing solution for your patio, carport or commercial sitting area

When you are considering placing a terrace roof in your garden near your property, one of the first questions you are asking yourself is probably whether you need a permit for such a roofing structure. It is difficult to give a direct and unambiguous answer that is applicable to everyone. The problem is that one municipality is not the other. Municipalities can set their own rules for this. This means that you almost always have to inform your own municipality whether placing a roof in your garden is licensed. However, we can inform you that semi-permanent roofs such as Texstyleroofs design, make and install them are often license-free. The reason for this is simple: they are in principle, without too much effort, completely removable.