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Our lightweight roofing solutions are easy to put up and take down

We offers a wide range of lightweight textile membrane roofing structures. Our range of tensile membrane structure are suitable for Roof Covers used for patios, carports, boat shelters and commercial implementations.

Lightweight roofing | Removable roof | Removable structure| Semi-permanent roof| Waterproof| Tensile structures

Lightweight and flexible for creative ROOFING ideas

The uses of lightweight membrane structures are versatile. Due to its light weight and optionally translucent or opaque texture, it is not onlyideal for sun protection as a parasol, awning or for smaller canopie but can be used to create an actual roofing structure.

Benefits of Tensile Fabric Structures Tensile fabric structures are lightweight compared to other types of construction, but also extremely strong. They are designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions, providing protection from both the rain and sun.