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Poolside patio cover – Ponce Inlet, Florida

Texstyleroofs presentations


Poolside area patio shading cover – Inlet Harbor Rd, Ponce Inlet, Florida

Our Texstyleroofs® provides a flexible roofing design for any environment. Mounted to existing surroundings or installed as a solitary structure: Due to Texstyleroofs’ versatility, it’s the ideal roofing solution for any outdoor purpose.

Texstyleroofs pool area patio roofing

Final design renders

Final design with out poles

Final design shading pattern

Textile roof shading solution

We create a homogeneous stiffness throughout the membrane so that the fabric is always at maximum capacity. These weights apply to membranes of 430 and 645 square feet. With help of a 3D-study we develop your own personally designed patio roof to show the possibilities. Our software allows us to alter the designs on site. This way you will work together with our architect to create your own Texstyleroof. As a result the final outcome will never disappoint.

Enscape files

VR – new design

New design v1

VR – previous options

Revolutionize your outdoor space

  • Tailor made for aesthetic and functional needs
  • Stylish roof for large and small
    outdoor spaces in any environment
  • No permits required
  • Lightweight and easy to remove
  • Protection for all weather condition
  • Increase revenue by providing additional profitable square footage
  • Membrane available in over 20 colors
  • Hurricane tolerant