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Protect your vehicles with a non permit carport

“Simplify your life.” This trend of the future can also offer a major opportunity for
the textile industry. There is much more flexibility in the design, construction and shape of a
carport roof when using a textile product  instead of traditions construction methods.

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Carport WITH extreme tensile strength

A Texstyleroofs carport made out of tensile fabric is characterized by the tensioning of a fabric membrane system, using cables, wires, steel or any other form of support system. By tensioning the fabric, not only are creases eliminated, creating a clean appearance, but the material is also fortified to withstand weather conditions or potential damage. The advantages of using membranes instead of other building materials are self-evident: Membrane roofing replaces gravel; and the roofs have extreme tensile strength and are easy to handle on account of their light weight and flexibility.

Even airports, such as the Hong Kong International Airport, are covered with membrane roofs, despite threats from typhoons or other adverse weather. As with every new application, the ingenuity of the construction engineers is quite necessary. If damage ever occurs, these roofs are easy to repair or even replace, which is not the case with traditional roofs. Another advantage is that our roofing systems can be put up and taken down within minutes.