The best shading solutions available

Both indoor and outdoor shading solutions go far beyond merely function: they are design choices. Much like finishes enhance your luxury home, high-end shading systems can create ambiance while also saving energy, protecting your furnishings, trapping both hot and cold air, and maintaining privacy. 

Shading solution | Textile roofing structure | Shade sail | shade cover | tensile roofing system

High-end shading solutions make entertaining and relaxing in your luxury home all the more pleasurable.

Whether it’s sunny, windy or raining, if you’re a nature lover nothing will keep you from your patio. Your patio is another living space that you’d like to be able to use all year round. It is important here especially to be well-protected against the sun, UV rays, gusts of wind and rain showers. Various product solutions offer reliable sun and weather protection – perfectly suited to your wishes and needs!